Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Dumpster Services

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Dumpster Services

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  1. What is the shortest time a dumpster can be rented? Our company is moving to a bigger location next week. There is going to be a lot of trash thrown out that day. We are planning on dumping most of the furniture since we will be upgrading at the new location. Could we rent a dumpster for just a few hours?

    Elisa Jed |

    1. Elisa, It really depends on the dumpster company. Most dumpster rental companies have a price range as well as a size chart so you can see what types of dumpsters they have. It all really depends on the company itself and how they want to charge you.

      Zach |

  2. I have been having some trouble finding a bin rental service. Like you said, I would really love to finish up my project. I think it would really make things go a whole lot smoother.

  3. I don't imagine that you serve the Minneapolis area. I am looking for a dumpster rental, and I will need it for two months. I am remodeling my kitchen and anticipate a large amount of waste. I hope that I can get a discount since I am renting it for so long.

  4. I am doing some winter cleaning in my home. I have a whole room of junk I need hauled away. I am trying to find information on how to rent a dumpster for a project like this.

  5. I have been looking into renting a dumpster to use while my new house is being built. I think it would be valuable to have this service available to make things easier to do. I know there will be a considerable amount of waste to deal with. Whenever I have helped with a project like this, the waste management has always been a significant problem. If I rented a dumpster or two, it would definitely help make our job a lot easier.

  6. We are working on a big project and work and we are going to need a dumpster. So I am researching to find a dumpster that we can rent for a while. I am just looking at the services they offer and to learn how it all works and if they take care of the dumping and everything.

  7. My neighbors are doing a big home remodeling project. It is exciting to see it getting started but I would imagine they are going to be throwing out a lot of stuff. Hopefully they have already thought about renting a big dumpster like this.

  8. I have been thinking about getting a dumpster that can handle the remodeling project that we have going on this year. Last year, we ended up using our normal cans which made it really hard because we didn't have a lot of room for the regular trash. I am hoping that with a dumpster rental, we can fit everything we don't need in there.